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Parents make short videos of their baby, who has a lack of motor development. A paediatric physiotherapist then uses these videos to establish a treatment plan. We are developing a prototype application that will make it possible to store and send these videos in a secure way.


The researchers involved in the Godivapp Applied in Pediatric Primary care project (GoAPP) are developing, studying and ensuring the launch of an e-health application that can be used to exchange video material. Amongst other things, this will enable paediatric physiotherapists to use video material to establish a treatment plan for a baby with a lack of motor development.

The following five aspects underlying the innovation and launch of e-health have been brought together in GoAPP:

  1. Users of the application – parents, for example;
  2. Individuals from the healthcare sector;
  3. Technological aspects;
  4. Human aspects of technology;
  5. Commercial aspects.

All of the above have been organised around the following three work packages:

  1. Improvement of the video portal;
  2. The launch of the improved video portal;
  3. Commercial feasibility, via design research, literature review, research on the launch of the app and business-case research;
  4. The continued development of the network of paediatric physiotherapists into a Community of Practice in which recent experiences are exchanged.

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