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Intelligent Reliability 4.0

Intelligent Reliability 4.0 (iRel40) is a project with 75 partners from 13 countries, with the ultimate goal of improving reliability of electronic components and systems by reducing failure rates along the entire value chain. The project funded through the ECSEL Joint Undertaking, combining Horizon 2020 with co-funding from 17 regional and national entities.

From prototypes to practice:

Within the iRel4.0 project, HAN University of Applied Sciences focuses on developing a prototype for synthetic Partial Discharge generation (PD), PD measurement, signal amplification, signal acquisition for PD detection, and data analysis. The sensitivity and bandwidth of the sensory system will be investigated. Much efforts will be spent on designing the signal processing (amplification & filtering, A/D conversion, processing) and signal classification. Using a practice-based approach, and repeatedly stepping up in accuracy and fidelity, HAN will get the most from our team, with benefits in both research and education. HAN works in close collaboration with IWO and TU Delft.

Transferring knowledge to professionals:

The projects support companies around Europe to train personnel in the areas of Particle Discharge and Health Index. Within HAN UAS, the Research Group of Balanced Energy Systems has close links to students and teachers at Electrical & Electronic Engineering. This enables knowledge dissemination within the educational curriculum in bachelor and master level. In addition, the research group is positioned very well to involve students and staff directly in different tasks within the iRel 4.0 project.

Interested to collaborate? 

HAN UAS is up for more European cooperation on the topics of electrical energy systems integration, component monitoring, asset management & system balancing, smart energy hubs, power electronics, and AI & Data for grid management. For more information, contact Ballard Asare-Bediako, senior researcher and programme manager Futureproof Electrical Infrastructure at the Research Group Balanced Energy Systems –

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