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Learning Network Biobuilders

The project ‘Learning Network Biobuilders‘ aims to develop an innovative, practice-oriented teaching method for the construction sector. It focuses on wood and biocomposites, as examples of biocircular materials, incorporating ecological systems thinking and 21st century skills.

As the lead partner in this Interreg Flanders-Netherlands project, Avans University of Applied Sciences is responsible for communications and actively involved in all of the activities. The project is embedded in Avans UAS’ and Zeeland UAS’ Centre of Expertise MNEXT (formerly named Centre of Expertise Bio-based Economy). Avans takes an ecosystem approach, fostering involvement of all partners in the thinking, preliminary work and implementation of the various activities in the project to optimise a feeling of co-ownership of the results.

The project contributes to knowledge valorisation by experimenting with how we can:
a) implement new knowledge, gained in related research projects, in the current curriculum of bachelor students from different study programs, from different educational institutions, from different countries.
b) involve professionals from the construction sector in the co-creation of education on biocomposites

In this project we take the latest insights from various forms of research and develop an educational module that is simultaneously taught to students and professionals. In this way we also achieve that all participants of the module learn from each other.

Avans Biobuilders
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