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Dual career support for European athletes

Every Olympic cycle, there are some 120,000 professional athletes in need of dual career services. STARTING 11 boosts the implementation of these services for athletes in the EU.

This Erasmus+ project, coordinated by AUAS, supports European athletes in need of dual career services. Research results will lead to the creation of an extensive toolkit for key actors providing support to athletes: specifically those working in the sport, education and labour market sectors.

The toolkit, which will be the first of its kind on the market, consists of 11 self-applicable online tools which facilitate and professionalise the tailored implementation of dual career services in Europe. Via the kit, athletes will be supported in all stages of their sporting career, spanning from the school through retirement from sport.

This end result will be the further professionalisation of dual career practitioners, increased employability of athletes and a multi-directional increase of awareness across sport, education and the labour market.


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– During the research phase, survey results across Europe indicated policy is lacking (94% of respondents from countries without a dual career policy claimed that the lack of policy creates problems when implementing support services).

– 4 expert groups (management, framework, dual career counselling and communication) are transforming the research into 11 practical online tools that have the potential to create true impact for dual career implementation in Europe.

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