HAN University of Applied Sciences

Our education and research are organized in close cooperation and as equal cornerstones. Our research has a clear presence in the student learning environment. This results in starting professionals who have a critical, inquiring and innovative attitude.

Our research and valorization have high added value for our education and region. This means we can both strengthen quality in the broadest sense and prioritize certain themes by setting key areas.

The three key areas for HAN are:

  • Fair Health
  • Sustainable Energy & Environment (SEE)
  • Smart Region

With Health, HAN focuses on reducing socio-economic health differences. People with a low education level or income live shorter lives and have a less healthy life expectancy. In our education and research we pay special attention to these differences, we want to pass this on to all (future) professionals.

In the key area Sustainable Energy and Environment (SEE) we bring professionals together to work and learn from and with each other. This takes everyone to a higher level, creates vital networks and increases the innovative strength of the region. We see our human capital as the best guarantee for the future. We work on the follow four themes to reduce CO₂: a reliable and affordable energy supply, a circular economy, sustainable buildings and clean mobility.

The aim of Smart Region is to foster an innovative and enterprising region that offers great work potential but also excellent residential, education and recreational opportunities. HAN is committed to increasing the adaptability of people, teams and organizations. How? By paying more attention to this in research and education, and always working closely with (future) professionals in a Smart Region.

Our research portfolio in particular is increasingly gauged on these interconnected priorities. These key areas contribute to our HAN profile along with our offerings as a broad university of applied sciences.

HAN_ Partners

HAN wouldn’t be where it is today without its partners: ibn industry, education, the NGO sector and in government. In the Netherlands and further afield. Find out about our partners and networks. And about how we collaborate on international projects.

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