Amsterdam University of the Arts

Art is essential to any society. On this principle, the academies of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) base their education and research. The AHK trains students for the international world of art, culture and heritage. The artistic and personal development of the student is a central focus of the education of the AHK. There is room for innovation and experimenting, in collaboration with the international trend-setting cultural community of Amsterdam. The academies of the AHK are the laboratories of tomorrow’s work field. By experimenting we dare students to think outside the box and break new ground.

Our research increases the interaction between tradition and innovation, theory and practice, art and other disciplines. It actively contributes to knowledge development and knowledge exchange. Because of the importance of research and the development to being a knowledge institute we are currently building the AHK Research Centre. This will be a solid foundation for the research we do at the AHK. The AHK Research Centre will be a link between our researchers and will enable them to share their expertise and bring their research into the world.

We believe art and culture have a resolving and innovative ability in social issues. That’s why urgent social issues are translated into our education and research: engagement is in our DNA. We work with a joint research profile: engagement through critical creative practice. Our researchers critically relate to social issues. They want to raise awareness and have social and artistic impact.

Globalization, digitisation, diversity, sustainability and cohesion in urban society will be important issues in the coming years. Our graduates’ craftsmanship and skills enable them to make a difference.

Research at the AHK is generally practice-oriented and often qualitative and small-scale. We use various methods of research, including design research, artistic research and practical research based on social science- and historical research.

DAS Research is part of the Academy for Theatre and Dance and carries out research into, through and for practice.

The Film research group at the Netherlands Film Academy is closely linked to the Master’s degree programme and conducts research in and through cinema.

The Music research group (part of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam) aims to contribute to a learning environment where talented individuals can realise their full artistic and intellectual potential.

The research groups of the Academy of Architecture focus on new design practices. The research group Architecture & Circular Thinking investigates the architectural possibilities of a new material paradigm in a broad sense. It focuses in word, image and construction on a new architectural repertoire for a circular economy.

The Future Urban Regions research group is a collaborative project of the six Academies of Architecture (Amsterdam, Arnhem, Groningen, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Tilburg) focused on improving the city and the urban environment.