ArtEZ University of the Arts

ArtEZ University of the Arts creates opportunities for artistic, intellectual and personal growth for its internationally diverse community of students, lecturers, and researchers. Art binds us and is a catalyst for innovative ideas and alternative approaches. Our motto is: art changes.
With inspiring art education at the university of applied sciences, on both bachelor’s and master’s levels, ArtEZ is the ideal place to make a real difference in both the arts and society.

Research in education

Research is a recurring subject within the programmes. Master’s students conduct applied research in the last year of their programme. Bachelor’s students can choose to apply for the Honours Programme in addition to their regular studies in order to gain further theoretical knowledge or to perform research. Lecturers and students are involved as much as possible in the research projects of the professorships. Students reap the rewards of this research and innovation focus. This is exemplified by the School of Dance working with an innovative training programme that significantly reduces the risk of injuries.

Research and experimentation

Research also consists of experimenting and trying new things, such as new technologies. What can they contribute to music, fashion or the development of products? The answer is ‘a great deal’, as is evident from the various projects and workshops that have taken place at ArtEZ in recent years. In ArtEZ’s own research laboratory, ArTechLab, students of all disciplines are able to conduct experiments – often in collaboration with universities and companies..