Breda University of Applied Sciences

BUas is a specialist, diverse and inclusive university of applied sciences where personal innovative capacity is encouraged. Our vison is to be an international leading knowledge institute with industry-relevant, high-quality, small-scaled and innovative education and research. The success we enjoy as an educational institute is due to our focus on creating an excellent academic learning environment for all: students, researchers, graduates, and professionals. In our multidisciplinary learning communities, we encourage everyone to take initiative and explore new opportunities.

Our strength and uniqueness derive from our intense collaborative processes within our strongly related domains, but also from sharing, enhancing, challenging and cultivating knowledge across the boundaries of our domains Built Environment, Facility, Games, Hotel, Leisure & Events, Logistics, Media and Tourism.

Our research has an Interdisciplinary character. By joining forces – not only within our domains, but also with government, educations and research – we are capable of developing innovative solutions to current challenges in industry and society. Making crossovers between our closely related research domains guarantees the strength and innovative nature of our applied research.