Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Nearly 46,000 students, almost 5,000 employees. Locations in ten cities in Brabant and Limburg, in the southern part of the Netherlands. 75 Bachelor’s programmes, fulltime, part-time and dual, in almost every conceivable ‘field’ of the labour market. Furthermore: 28 master’s programmes, 15 associate degrees and a varied range of courses and training courses for the business market. Plus: about 40 professorships engaged in research and knowledge innovation. Fontys is an extensive, substantively broad and geographically widespread university of applied sciences.

Fontys for Society

‘Development’ is a core concept at Fontys. Young people develop their talents with us as students, we develop relevant practical knowledge, working professionals can develop a lifetime of (working) knowledge at Fontys, we respond flexibly to profound social developments, and last but not least, within our one community we develop ourselves by sharing knowledge and skills. Only in this way can our students, professionals and graduates continue to make a meaningful contribution to society.

We operate at the heart of society. In so-called hybrid learning and research environments, students, lecturers, researchers and the professional field work together across borders; both education and research, as well as learning and working, are becoming increasingly intertwined. Our main ‘social value’ is therefore the development of talent and knowledge.

Together with and for the (regional) professional field, we provide high-quality higher vocational education and carry out innovative practically oriented research. In this way, we contribute to the power to develop a vital, inclusive and sustainable society.


In the coming years, Fontys will organise multidisciplinary research around six social themes. We have borrowed these themes from various regional, national and global agendas, including the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Different lines of research are brought together under these themes. The six themes are:

  1. Enabling Technologies. Within this theme, we explore research lines in the fields of High Tech (systems) and Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Smart Mobility. Within this theme we explore research lines in the fields of Automotive and Logistics.
  3. Healthy & inclusive society
  4. Creative Economy
  5. Future (of) Learning. Within this theme we explore research lines in the fields of Learning and Education.
  6. Sustainability & Circularity. Within this theme we explore research lines in the fields of Circular economy, Energy transition and sustainable society.