Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Making the world a better place through a strong commitment to society. At Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, this is at the heart of everything we do. Students, lecturers, researchers and professionals connect with each other in the learning community through engaged learning.

We want to be of value, both to our own region and to the world. We see that as our social responsibility. We encourage students and staff to fulfil their potential: not only as professionals but also as

individuals who feel a sense of responsibility for the world around them.

That’s what today’s students want. They are socially engaged and want to make their mark on the world – ideally getting started during their time at university.

Groningen is the perfect place for these students: a young, international city with a vibrant start-up scene and innovative businesses. It’s a place that produces unique connections.

Engaged learning

Hanze UAS makes all this possible through engaged learning. From day one of their studies, students see that learning and research are closely linked to society. They work independently on relevant, real-world research projects: issues that are important

not only to our region, but also to the world as a whole. They collaborate on these projects with enthusiastic lecturers, experienced researchers, experts from professional practice and students from other disciplines.

Living labs

Our 100+ living labs play a key role in engaged learning. Here, teams from different degree programmes work together on issues in the field of earthquake-related problems, the energy transition, healthy ageing, climate change, sustainability and art

and culture, to name but a few.

We share our knowledge with comparable projects elsewhere, thus prompting a global knowledge exchange. As a result, our students and lecturers have a real impact. On themselves. On each other. On the region. And on the world!

Challenging learning environment

Through engaged learning, Hanze UAS offers a safe but challenging learning environment. We strive to develop an enquiring, entrepreneurial mindset, so that students and staff become inquisitive, driven professionals who are at the heart of society and can come up with innovative solutions in a rapidly changing world.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, works with businesses and institutions to develop applicable, practice-oriented knowledge. We achieve this by integrating education, research and professional practice within a learning

community. This strengthens our link with the Northern Netherlands. We want to contribute to solutions to problems in society. This ensures that we support the region and our staff and students.

We focus on three key strategic themes that are important to the Northern Netherlands region: Energy, Healthy Ageing, and Entrepreneurship. Our Honours College is also unique, and the arts play a key role in our education and research.