The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The research of The Hague University of Applied Sciences contributes to improving and innovating our education, professional practice and society as a whole. The professors, lecturer-researchers and students conduct research in collaboration with national and international partners. We have seven Centres of Expertise on the following themes:

Cyber Security

The focus of THUAS’ Centre of Expertise Cyber Security (CoECS), created in 2015, is on helping those organisations that lack sufficient expertise to protect themselves from and become more resilient to cyber threats.

Digital Operations and Finance

The Centre of Expertise for Digital Operations and Finance researches how we can use data and digital technology for a sustainable economy.

Global and Inclusive Learning

Creating and ensuring equal opportunities for students and professionals. At the Centre of Expertise for Global and Inclusive Learning we research what processes would help to achieve this. We’re also looking into the best ways to actively promote inclusive education and an inclusive society. We support each learning individual in their talent development to enable them to become responsible professionals and critical citizens.

Global Governance

The Centre of Expertise for Global Governance aims to find out what is exactly happening within and between governing bodies and the actors that take part in them. We look at the interplay of new and traditional actors within the ‘grey zones’ of operation between international, national, regional, local and non-territorial players.

Governance of Urban Transitions

The world is rapidly urbanising. At the same time, the relationship between citizens and city management is changing. How do we deal with diversity and inequality and ensure social mobility, security, participation opportunities and sufficient housing? Together with urban parties, the Centre of Expertise for Governance of Urban Transitions conducts practice-oriented research based on social issues and new forms of governance that reflect the transitions the city is facing.

Health Innovation

The Health Innovation Centre of Expertise engages the residents in the metropolitan region of Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) in resolving health issues that will affect them in life and wants people to experience an improved positive health. This includes preserving vitality, rehabilitating functions,

supporting people in their daily activities and participating in social life. We connect the knowledge and expertise from research, education and practice and invest especially in a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’, ‘Care and Rehabilitation’ and a ‘Healthy environment’.

Mission Zero

Centre of Expertise Mission Zero has a clear mission: to create an economy entirely fuelled by sustainable energy and renewable resources and materials. Or rather: to stop using new resources and unsustainable energy.

The Centres are composed of various research groups who collaborate on a specific theme. They work with multi-year programming and focus on long-term collaboration with government and private partners.


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