Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

Contributing to a sustainable world

Welcome to Van Hall Larenstein, the most sustainable University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands! We train high-quality, ambitious and innovative professionals who contribute to a more sustainable world. Van Hall Larenstein focusses on the so called ‘green’ and ‘blue’ areas (agriculture, nature, food and water), and works on crossovers between green and blue. Alongside Bachelor programmes, we also provide Master’s programmes, Certificate programmes and short courses for regional, national and international students. As a university of applied sciences, we conduct high-quality practice-based research which enhances both our teaching and our position as a research institute.

In our mission, we state as Van Hall Larenstein that we aim to train professionals who contribute to a sustainable and better world. We wish to accomplish this by cooperating in a pleasant and yet productive way with each other and with our network partners. These two ambitions have been translated into the way we have outlined our education, our applied research and our organisation.

Research: Innovate and improve

Applied research as conducted by professors, researchers, lecturers and students of Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, is always aimed at improving professional practice. The results of research should be applicable for companies and professionals in the public sector. Having good relations with companies and institutions in and outside the region, we support them by providing innovative solutions to practical questions and sufficient highly trained professionals. Moreover, professorships contribute to the innovation of the curriculum. Knowledge valorisation is achieved through an interplay of theory and practice, leading towards innovation and development of knowledge.

The nature of applied research at Van Hall Larenstein is characterised by:

  • relevance for and impact on professional practice;
  • scientific validity and contribution to general knowledge for the benefit of society and professional practice;
  • education-related;
  • international orientation.

The research conducted at Van Hall Larenstein contributes to a more sustainable world. With the selected profile we aim to establish long-term, sustainable relationships with a number of preferred partners.