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UASNL Lunchsession 19 May 2021 – presentations

On Wednesday 19 May 2021, UASNL organised an online lunchsession on:

The role of universities of applied sciences in regional ecosystems.

This event welcomed contributions from the following speakers:

Eskarne Arregui-Pabollet, JRC, European Commission

Eric Koch, EISMEA, European Commission

Jeroen Rijnhart, Center of Expertise Watertechnology (NL)

Vincent Pijnenburg, Cross-border Business Development, Fontys UAS (NL)

Anne-Christine Habbel & Désirée Neeb, Hof UAS (DE)

Markus Neufeld, Coburg UAS (DE)

The presentations used during the event can be found via the links below.

1. HESS_Northern Netherlands_19_05_2021_FINAL2

2. 20210414_UAS Netherlands_erickoch

3. Leeuwarden regional water ecosystem

4. Presentation UASNL 19-5-2021

5. Lunchsession_UASNL_Hof_University_001

6. 2021.05_UASNL_NEUFELD

studieruimte KS huis 1e etage
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